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Thru Da Cloud Records & One Faith Recording Studio was founded by both John & Alesia Christon in 2006.  Thru Da Cloud Records & One Faith Recording Studio was formed as a result of God giving us the vision to pass his word through music. Thru Da Cloud Records was established with only one artist, TDCR.  The main focus of Thru Da Cloud Records is “To take the message of Christ in music to a generation that is lost and needs to be found.  The artists here at Thru Da Cloud Records are committed to that cause”.

Thru Da Cloud Records is an independent record label specializing in Gospel music, Contemporary music & Gospel/Christian rap music. It is our desire and intention to provide you and others like you with innovative musical products of the highest quality.

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We believe that in order for Thru Da Cloud Records to be successful as an indie label we will need your help, input and support. So please feel free to tour the site and give us your feedback. We want to hear your thoughts about what we can do to meet and exceed our mark of serving you and providing the music and products you really want.

Words of Encouragement:

The Bible stands as one long testimony as to how God hears the prayers of those who trust him, and how He answers those prayers with tender love.  The Holy Bible makes it abundantly clear the answer to everything in our lives is by prayer mixed with faith.  Don’t be impatient.  We do not have a blossom the day after the seed is planted nor can we force open the petals of a rose without ruining the flower.  So be patient and in due season you shall reap if you faint not.